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Over 1,400 Homes Sold

Combined 45 Years’ Experience

 Let Us Be Your Real Estate Guide


Would you …….

-       Take yourself on a Safari?

-       Climb Mount Everest Alone?

-       Represent yourself in court?

-       Give yourself a cavity filling



Life has taught us that it is simply impossible to be an expert on every subject. Understanding the Treasure Valley Real Estate Market requires dedication specialization and years of “full time” experience gained successfully navigating through literally thousands of transactions. Leveraging this experience to the benefit of our discerning
clientele is why you would hire us!


The Guide Group consists of 5 full time top tier agents that share a passion for the Idaho and Treasure Valley Lifestyle. Understanding the Real Estate Business runs on a 24/7-time clock, our team of agents is structured to work at the speed of business
and around your schedule. 


The reason you hire any guide is to shorten the learning curve and obtain better results. We understand that ‘how this happens’ is sometimes just as important as the results. We all have different styles, communicate differently while having unique and highly personal motivators for entering or exiting the market. The Guide Group above all, understands the human part of real-estate and brings an emotional intelligence to the equation that differentiates us from an industry that is transactionally focused.





Living on the Edge is Exhilarating, But When You Care Most, You Hire a GUIDE!